Grammie’s Birthday

This photo doesn’t have much to do with today’s Sepia Saturday prompt (see below) but what is significant is the date. I couldn’t pass up using this old photo to honor my grandmother on this date. January 2nd was her birthday. To me it seemed that when we celebrated her birthday with her it was like having two New Year’s celebrations in two days.

Grandmother, birthday, cake, party, flowers, gifts, smile, photo
Photo: Frances Peabody

Gram wasn’t much for being the center of attention so she was pretty much forced into the limelight on birthdays. She despised having her photo taken. She would always try to block out her face by putting her hand up. As you can see here we (probably my mother) caught her unguarded. She was at a bit of a disadvantage here as she had to hold her birthday cake in her lap.

The writing on the photo is my mother’s. In 1967 Gram would have been 63. She lived to be 96 and she looked pretty much the same at 96 as you see here.

She was a strong woman having grown up on a potato farm in northern Maine in an age without electricity and horse and buggy transportation, I was always enthralled with the amount of change in technology she had seen from humble beginnings, to a moon landing, and on to the beginnings of the internet. I don’t think she would like very much having her photo on the internet now. I can just see her shaking her fist at me now for doing so. She loved us all so much even her shaking fist was a sign of love. Happy Birthday Gram!

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